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It's not just reading...
It's interpretation
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Screen and investigate cases for merit
oReview policies, procedures, and standards of care
oIdentify causation and damage issues
oAssess liability

Organize, tab, and paginate medical records
oDevelop customized timelines and chronologies
oReview and analyze medical records
oIdentify missing documents, inconsistent documentation, and tampering
oAssess damages and causation
oReview documents for relevance to your case
oSummarize, translate, and interpret medical terminology, procedures, disease processes, and treatments
oIdentify deviations from and adherence to applicable standards of care

Provide oral and written summary reports
oDevelop verbal reports via telephone or face-to-face
oDevelop brief, moderate, or comprehensive written reports

Assist with deposition and trial preparation
oDevelop questions for interrogatories and deposition
oAnalyze responses to interrogatories
oPrepare request for production
oDevelop trial questions
oIdentify and recommend potential defendants
oAssist with demonstrative evidence
oList alternative causation
oEducate on healthcare topics
oSummarize deposition transcripts
oAssist in preparation of settlement, briefs, and pleadings
oPrepare clients for deposition

Attend, annotate, and report IME (independent medical exam)/DME (defense medical exam)
oPerform client interviews
oAttend depositions, trials, review panels, and arbitration/mediation hearings

Provide requisite nexus opinions in VA claims.

Retain medical and nursing expert witnesses
oIdentify, locate, and interview potential experts
oResearch and analyze opponent's experts 
          (opinions, journal publications, etc)

Research complex medical topics for supportive data
oResearch authoritative and nursing literature for supporting data
oAnalyze validity and reliability of research studies
oPerform literature searches

Our Mission is to…
Empower the client while increasing productivity 
and profitability by translating medical facts, educating 
the litigation team, and illuminating the truth. 
Our goal is to enhance the pursuit of justice in medical-related cases.

No job is too large or too small
HomeServicesFAQ'sAbout UsContact UsTestimonials

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